Specialty Feeds
We offer feeds for Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Goat and Rabbit. 

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We have seeds of all types, available in stock or special order. Stop in today or call for availability.

Customized Feeds

We will customize your feeds to your specification with a minimum order of 500 pounds textured feeds and 1000 pounds pelletized feeds.

Call for pricing.

Equipment for Chicks
Planning on having chickens or already have some and need more or supplies? We carry feeder and waterers, and you can even pick up a chicken coop!

Need fertilizers to get that garden to grow faster? Stop in to see what is available and for pricing.

Our Products

Milled Feeds
All our milled feeds come in 50 pound bags. We offer feeds for Chickens, Pigs and Grains for other animals.
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Centerfield Feeds

Family Owned and Operated

Pet Food

We are an exclusive dealer and provider of Victor pet food, for your Cat or Dog. We also have food for your Horses, and Wild Birds too!

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Other Items
We also have available:

Bedding (Hay, Straw, Pine Shavings.

Misc. Supplements,  Assorted Lime, Salt Blocks, Horse Liniments, Dewormers, and much more.